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ESMO Breast Cancer Congress 2022

ESMO Breast Cancer Virtual Congress 2021, 3rd - 5th May 2022, Berlin Germany.

Following up on the successful editions of ESMO Breast Cancer, both physical and virtual, we are proud to announce that ESMO Breast Cancer 2022 will take place on 3-5 May 2022 in Berlin, Germany.

Cancer patients and their needs are at the heart of what we do – we are committed to advancing research and integrating it into the clinic to ensure better care for our patients. 

We aim to deliver a comprehensive overview of all the practice-changing new data and to make sure it has a clear roadmap to the clinic.

We count on you to take part and we look forward to welcoming you once again to ESMO Breast Cancer, a multidisciplinary meeting where you will learn how to integrate innovation into your daily practice and improve patient care.

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    3 May 2022 - 5 May 2022
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